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Protect Your Browser From Mining, Virus, Trojan And Phishing

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Protect Your Browser From Mining, Virus, Trojan And Phishing

Mining and phishing are things that threaten data privacy while surfing the Internet. Mining has become a threat to the safety of electronic devices because it destroys computer electronic boards such as graphics cards and motherboard. Viruses have become stronger and more dangerous, not only destroying data, but also encrypting them so that users can not open them and ask for ransom to solve the problem (ransomware). Trojans are also working to destroy more and more data. It can merge itself with your own files such as videos, documents and photos.

In this article you will learn how to protect your first gateway to the Internet ( Browser ).

How To Download Any Plugin !

1. Avast Online Security

Browse with Avast Online Security without fear. It’ll check every site you visit, from Youtube to your bank account, to ensure steal your data. It stops phishing attacks, show user reviews and warn you if a site is low ranked.

Link : Avast Online 

Check sites during research

Catch any threat inside the site

2. Windows Defender Browser ProtectionBrowser Protection.

Windows Defender Browser Protection & Browser Protection Are Protect your browser from any change in settings without your permission that steal data or install malicious software on your browser.It also scan files downloaded by the browser and monitor any changes to sites or links.

Link : Browser Protection  

3. Anti Miner - No 1 Coin MinerblockNo Coin - Block miners on the web!.

You are the only one that decide to use miner on your computer to making coins. Other sites make mining JavaScript on its sites that let them using your CPU to make money and let your computer broken. Anti Miner & No Coin are the best plugin to prevent any mining JavaScript on all sites.

Link : Anti Miner 

Link : No Coin