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Opera 60.0.3236.0 Developer

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Opera developer contains the latest changes. It is a nightly snapshot of opera active development, delivered more or less as-is and minimal quality requirements. The developer stream is what is often referred to, in development terms, as bleeding-edge or the unstable streams. Referring to the risk of suddenly getting cut by an unpolished developing feature. You can browse and surfing internet pages with last version of Opera Dev. Opera is Fast, secure, easy-to-use browser. Opera has a built-in ad blocker, battery saver and free VPN. Along with a new addition in the browser is Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp Messenger.

Features :
  • Fixed a bug with icons changing after renaming a folder in bookmarks bar.
  • Stay safer and more private.
  • Enjoy an ad-free web.
  • Multitask on the web easily.
  • Browse faster and longer.
  • Currency conversion while you shop.
  • Personalize your browser.
  • Protect your browser data.
  • Get your personal news feed.

What's new in v60.0.3236.0:
  • Update chromium on master to 73.0.3683.20
  • Crash when replacing all search engines by added and deleted in partner content
  • Remove StartPagePreloadService
  • opera://crashes integration with
  • Add FreedomProxyBrowserTest.RetryOnProxyConnectionFailure
  • Reborn 3 Web UI bugs
  • Searched tab is opened at the end of tabstrip
  • Mouse gestures do not work on isolated content – again
  • Categorised downloads sections are missing
  • Update
  • [Dark] “Last tabs menu” – icons too dark
  • Permission dialog is unreadable for dark theme.
  • Media access popup is light with dark frame for dark theme
  • [Mac] Crypto wallet panel is blank
  • Extend Yandex Zen covarage by Belarus and Kazakhstan
  • [Win10] Dialogs are shown in background
  • [macOS] – Unify margins in address field
  • Find in page toolbar is moved slight right
  • Search field on history page works incorrectly for 1-2 characters
  • [Mac – non-retina] Fix focused state for address field
  • [Dark] ‘Rate Opera’ is light
  • [Dark] Reload popup is light
  • During dragging Speed Dial is hidden under opened folder
  • Focus should be set in search field while opening Bookmarks page
  • Downloads in private windows are not marked
  • UI.Impressions.Transfers are not sent
  • Navigating from Extensions page to Settings opens new tab
  • [CW] [New Server] Update sender id for FCM
  • [Win] Address bar focus ring flickers when changing tabs
  • No option button for some extensions
  • Crash at opera::SnapController::ShouldShowOnboardingHint()
  • Frontport implementation to master.
  • Hide shopping-assistant flag
  • Crash at sync_bookmarks::SyncedBookmarkTracker::CheckAllNodesTracked(bookmarks::BookmarkModel const*) const
  • Crash on exit at opera::PowerSaveModeControllerObserverBridge::~PowerSaveModeControllerObserverBridge()
  • Linux all tests packages getting disabled due to size
  • Speed of download isn’t displayed correctly when download is almost finished
  • [Private Mode] No option to pin sidebar
  • libc++ pretty-printing broken on lldb
  • [Linux] Fix memory leak detected in asan builds
  • [Mac] Wrong background colour on search popup
  • [Dark] Settings: wrong colours in subsettings
  • Crash at non-virtual thunk to opera::SearchCopyPopupView::ButtonPressed(views::Button*, ui::Event const&)
  • [Win] Red context menu in task manager
  • ‘Content blocked’ popup in private mode looks bad
  • ‘Content blocked’ popup window is unreadable in dark theme
  • SSD added to SD for a while is duplicated with additional animation
  • Random Windows build failure at desktop/common/ui/command_ids.h
  • Crash at opera::ActivePageViewTracker::~ActivePageViewTracker()
  • Remove red icon near to our ad blocker icon in extensions list
  • [macOS] Address bar – focus – wrong font colour

Opera 60.0.3236.0 Developer


Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Linux / MacOS
Category: Browser
Type: Free
Version: 60.0.3236.0
Last updated: Feb 21, 2019
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