Zoom Player 15.0 beta 3

Softy Updates April 05, 2019 December 21, 2019
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Zoom Player

Zoom Player

Zoom Player is the Smartest most Flexible and Customizable Media Player for the Windows PC. Zoom Player is very upgrade friendly, you can install over previous installation without any stability issues.

Features :
  • SUPPORTED VIDEO FORMATS SUCH AS (DVD, BluRay, Matroska, MPEG2, H.264 & AVCHD, H.265 & HEVC, WebM, XVID, DIVX, AVI, Flash Video (FLV) and more).
  • SUPPORTED AUDIO FORMATS SUCH AS (MP3, Free Lossless Audio CODEC (FLAC), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), Windows Media (WMA), OGG Vorbis (OGG), OPUS (OPUS), CD-Audio (CDA), Dolby Digital (AC3),UMX and more).
  • SUPPORTED INTERACTIVE FORMATS SUCH AS (DVD, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Flash (SWF)). 
  • Media Library JukeBox mode meta-data scraping for Movie/TV/Music posters, backdrops, still images, title, description, genre, cast and more!
  • Media Library YouTube (Channels/Searches/Trends) integration.
  • Media Library RSS feed reader.
  • Media Library icons displaying the media format, video codec, video resolution, audio codec and audio channels.
  • Download subtitles through 'OpenSubtitles.org'.
  • Torrent Download & Tracking through integration with qBittorrent client.
  • Use XBOX 360 and compatible controllers as remote control with custom, user-assigned functionality.
  • Customizable actions when clicking 'Hot' screen corners (function/extended function/execute app).
  • Blu-Ray Decrypted Main-Movie Playback (with subtitles).
  • Automation user-selected action when connecting/disconnecting an additional monitor.
  • Automation user-selected action when detaching/attaching a "2 in 1" laptop's display.
What's new in v15.0 beta 3:
  • Live YouTube stream support using the latest version of the 3DYD YouTube source and LAV Filters.
  • New YouTube channel listing strategy (not enabled by default) which you can now enable through the Media Library category editor.
  • The new strategy works by listing videos in a channel's "Uploads" playlist. The downside to this strategy is that some videos may not be ordered by Publish date.  For this reason, 50 videos are requested instead of the usual 25 and these videos are then sorted by the plugin instead of just listing them as-is. The upside is that you get longer descriptions for the videos.
  • The media library can now display a format icon for the new AV1, DTS:X and Dolby Atmos audio/video codecs.
  • Support for the ADTS audio wrapper format.
  • New "/SHOWOSD:[Text]" command line parameter used to show a pop-up OSD on an already running instance of Zoom Player.
  • YouTube changed their text encoding scheme which caused Zoom Player to show the encoding of certain characters instead of the actual characters.
  • Trying to open a navigation interface while in audio mode simply didn't do anything, now Zoom Player will automatically switch to media mode and show the navigation interface.
  • Trying to seek backward/forward on a live stream with no duration will no longer show an OSD message as if a seek was performed.
  • The "Refresh" button on the media library category configuration dialog was accidentally left enabled for folder based categories. Clicking it would trigger a "list index out of bounds" error.
  • Manually editing a Zoom Player ".CHP" chapter file using an external text editor could have triggered a freeze when trying to load the associated media file.
  • Changing the internal screen saver's slideshow path did not take affect until the next player restart if the screen saver was previously active (changing the folder didn't clear the cache).
  • Streaming audio-only YouTube with visualizations would not always enable the ZP DSP Filter, causing synchronization issues between the audio and visualization.
  • Trying to close the Install Center during an install could have resulted in a crash.

Zoom Player 15.0 beta 3
Zoom Player 14.6 Beta 2


Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Category: Multimedia
Type: Free
Version: 15.0 beta 3
Last updated: Apr 5, 2019
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Scan By VirusTotal : CleanClean

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