Adguard 7.1.2817

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Adguard 7.1.2817

Protect your computer from annoying ads with AdGuard. You can protect your privacy and information from hacking. Today, most ad networks identify ads through your search engine searches and search history like (Tracking Personal Data / Building Personality Profile / Selling And Sharing Data / Behavioral Analysis / Privacy Violation / Surveillance). AdGuard works to protect your PC from tracking, spam attacks, and pop-up ads. It also gives you high surfing speed for sites and makes you invisible to attackers. AdGuard is the best way to get rid of intrusive ads and online tracking, and to protect your PC from malware. Make your web surfing faster, safer and more comfortable with AdGuard.

Features :
  • Ad blocking
  • Safe web surfing
  • Privacy protection
  • Parental control
  • Protect your data
  • Disguise yourself online

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Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Category: System
Type: Trail - Free 6 Months
Version: 7.1.2817
Last updated: June 26, 2019
Our Rating:
Scan By VirusTotal : CleanClean

Size: 24.58 MB | 2 minutes VISIT US
Price: $ 1.66 | Standard Edition Contact

Change log :
  • [Fixed] Manual blocker options bug #2677
  • [Fixed] AG certificate is not removed on the app uninstall or reinstall #2772
  • [Fixed] Certificate gets installed into the wrong system storage #2756
  • [Fixed] Compatibility issues with Sophos AV #2710
  • [Fixed] Cookies are getting removed even though self-destructing cookies options are disabled #2714
  • [Fixed] Windscribe extension compatibility #2703
  • [Changed] Domain name is now shown in the filtering log in all cases when it's detected #2691
  • [Changed] Translations have been updated #2697
  • [Fixed] AdGuard settings respond slowly when Parental Control is enabled #2687
  • [Fixed] Release channel label is missing #2695
  • [Fixed] "Hide User-Agent" flag state is not passed properly to web reporter #2732
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes randomly when you open settings #2685
  • [Fixed] Userscripts' update channels don't match app's release channel #2694

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