Giveaway: City of Brass Available for Free – Until June 6

Softy Updates May 30, 2019 January 18, 2020
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Today Epic Games launched a free game for this week revolves around Fighting zombies in Arab palaces. Armed with many conventional weapons such as sword, whip and bow, fight the hidden and huge monsters and search through the exit. Make sure you stay alive in your attempt to get out of the castle. Many monsters will meet you - some hidden in pottery, others in ceilings and others behind walls and doors.

Available : 30 May - 6 June

How To Add The Game to Your Account :

  1. Create an account at Epic Games
  2. If you have an account (Sign In)
  3. Click the Promotional link
  4. Click on FREE and follow the steps to buy
  5. Enjoy😎

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Game Created by :  Uppercut Games

City of Brass Trailer By Uppercut Games

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