GPT & MBR What is The Difference!

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GPT & MBR are two different ways to store data on a hard disk partition, and This includes where the operating system that you are installing know which partition or sector is bootable for Windows. So when you install Windows, you will determine the type of disk you are using. This point may be one of the reasons why  Windows cannot be installed to this disk.

GPT & MBR What is The Difference!

Partition Primary Create more than 4 partitions Only allowed for 4 partitions
Hard space All spaces are accepted Only maximum of 2 TB is allowed.
Operation System Does not work on older systems like 'Windows XP' There is a problem with 'Windows 8'
Works efficiently with Linux Some errors may occur except if the hard disk is new and empty.
Data Storage Easy to restore data in case of loss. May experience difficulties in retrieving the data.

How to know the type of your HDD:

  1. Right Click on ' This PC' and choice Manage.

  2. GPT & MBR What is The Difference!

  3. Click 'Disk Management' & choice your main HDD (Right click and press Properties).

  4. GPT & MBR What is The Difference!GPT & MBR What is The Difference!

  5. Choice 'Volumes' & check your partition style

  6. GPT & MBR What is The Difference!

As a result of the above, we conclude that the GPT is better than Mbr in the case of support for the update and continuous development, but if you use Windows XP, you must use the MBR.

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