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AnyDesk 5.4.0


AnyDesk 5.4.0
AnyDesk 5.4.0
AnyDesk 5.4.0
AnyDesk 5.4.0

Connect to other PCs safely and quickly by AnyDesk. It allows you to network between all your computers, including your work PC, or even to help your friends use their computers. AnyDesk is a simple tool for making remote connections to other networks. You don't need to setup any application, just open AnyDesk and type other Desktop Number then connect. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and on-the-go individuals alike.

Features :
  • High Frame Rates.
  • Low Latency.
  • Efficient Bandwidth Use.
  • Highly Innovative Technology.
  • Quickstart.
  • Fail-Safe Erlang Network.
  • Real-Time Collaboration.
  • Online collaboration
  • Built-in file transfer
  • Lightweight
  • Make it yours
  • Record sessions
  • Own network
  • Demanding Applications.

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Operating System: Windows / Mac / Linux
Category: Network Application
Type: Trail
Version: 5.4.0
Last updated: Nov 21, 2019
Our Rating:
Scan By VirusTotal : CleanClean

Size: 2.88 MB | a minute VISIT US

Price: $ 10.99 | Lite/Month Contact

Size: 4.84 MB | 1 minute VISIT US
Size: 3.5 MB | 1 minute VISIT US

Change log :
  • Implemented screen privacy feature for Windows 8 and 10.
  • Enabling privacy mode during a session will disable the monitor on the remote side so the screen contents are hidden for anyone with physical access to the remote device.
  • Input from the remote side will be blocked automatically during privacy mode for the default desktop.
  • The session player can now jump to a specific point in time of the session recording.
  • Switching the desktop did not restore input block state.
  • Added dialog in case the remote side automatically denied a printer job due to permission settings.
  • Fixed automatic registration of aliases in custom namespaces in case of updating an installed custom client.
  • On trying to register an alias that was too long it was reported that registration failed because an alias has been registered already.
  • The remote state of NumLock has been altered before session start.
  • Fixed File Manager address field not handling 'Enter'.
  • A couple of buttons in the File Manager could be resized to size zero.
  • After switching sides the File Manager did not show the remote folder contents.
  • The File Manager did not show the session close dialog in case the session was closed from the other side.
  • The install panel's path edit now starts the installation on receiving 'Enter'.
  • Address Book items now offer to create a TCP tunnel.
  • The hotkey for entering fullscreen mode now also allows to leave fullscreen mode.
  • Changed the default value to enable the alternative set of permissions for Unattended Access to 'true'.
  • By doing so the alternative set will be used directly after setting up a password for Unattended Access and using it to connect, effectively granting all permissions to the user connecting.

Keywords : Remote connection, PC sharing, Share Screen.