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Clean your computer from junk and harmful files. Every activity that you do on your computer leaves traces, even the processes that programs do in the background. So it is safer to constantly clean your computer from your activities. Cleanmgr+ is a replacement for the classic Windows Disk Clean-up. Disk Cleanup isn’t going away immediately but is on its way out the door. It helps you to : Windows Update Cleanup - Component Store - Downloaded Program Files - Temporary Internet Files - DirectX Shader Cache - Delivery Optimization Files - REcycle Bin - Temporary Files - Thumbnails - Browser History - Offline Web Pages - Game Statistic Files - Clipboard - Prefetch Data - DNS Cache - Print Queue - System Error Memory Dump Files

Features :
  • Windows Update Cleanup.
  • Downloaded Program Files Cleanup.
  • Temporary internet Files.
  • History Cleanup.
  • Temporary Files.
  • Offline Web pages.
  • DirectX Shader Cache .

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Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Category: Utility Tools
Type: Free
Last updated: Dec 30, 2019
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Size: 0.1 MB | Under a minute VISIT US

Change log :
  • Minor optimization and fixes for Windows 10, version 1909
  • Minor localization fixes

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