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Atom 1.43.0


Atom 1.43.0
Atom 1.43.0
Atom 1.43.0

Atom is a free open source Code Editor, that Working on code together in real time is valuable for knowledge sharing and producing quality software. Atom works with Git and GitHub directly from Atom with the GitHub package. Create new branches, stage and commit, push and pull, resolve merge conflicts, view pull requests and more. It's easy to customize and style Atom. Tweak the look and feel of your UI with CSS/Less, and add major features with HTML and JavaScript.

Features :
  • Cross-platform editing
  • Built-in package manager
  • Smart autocompletion
  • File system browser
  • Multiple panes
  • Find and replace
  • Make it your editor
  • Packages
  • Themes
  • Customization

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Operating System: Windows 7 or later
Category: Code Editor
Type: Free
Version: 1.43.0
Last updated: Jan 14, 2020
Our Rating:
Scan By VirusTotal : CleanClean

  • Improve PHP syntax highlighting for ternary operator, ereg functions, and comments within closures.
  • Improve PHP syntax highlighting for functions returning references, return types.
  • Improve SCSS syntax highlighting, by recognizing '-' as part of a class selector in an @extend statement.
  • Fix find and replace crashes when a tab is not an editor.
  • Fix an issue that prevented directories created by git worktree from being recognized as git repositories.
  • Improve CSS syntax highlighting by supporting grid properties (e.g row-gap, place-items, place-self and place-content).
  • Improve CSS syntax highlighting by preventing deprecated CSS properties from being highlighted as errors.
  • Add support for Javascript forEach snippet.
  • Add support for Javascript syntax highlighting for BigInt numeric.
  • Update legacy TextMate grammars to match microsoft/vscode@e6abf47.
  • Removed the non-functional "jump to file" context menu option when viewing past commits.
  • Explicitly display and choose the active git working directory in the Git and GitHub tabs.
  • Fix a crash when viewing review comments on Windows.
  • Avoid stalls due to data buffering by using TCP sockets instead of UNIX domain sockets for git dialog communications.
  • Create and publish GitHub repositories with the github:create-repository and github:publish-repository commands.
  • Copy the commit SHA and subject to the clipboard from the context menu on the mini-log.