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BitComet 1.64


BitComet 1.64
BitComet 1.64
BitComet 1.64
BitComet 1.64

Get your torrent downloads in the fastest way. BitComet is an Easy-to-Use & free Torrent Client, that has powerful features to provide us with the SuperSpeed and stability downloads. BitComet supports many torrent protocol, HTTP, FTP, DHT network, UDP v2, and Magnet links. It improved the 99% problem by using the unique Long-Term Seeding Technology for finding more seeds to finish your downloads. BitComet also supports previewing the content of downloads during the downloading process.

Features :
  • Fast and powerful.
  • Innovative P2P Technology.
  • Global and Per-Task Speed Limit, for Both Upload and Download.
  • Add tags to task, categorize tasks on the fly.
  • Bandwidth Scheduler and Automatic Shutdown.
  • Easy to Use and Free.

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Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Category: Download Manager
Type: Free
Current Version: 1.64
Last updated: Jan 15, 2020
Our Rating:
Scan By VirusTotal : CleanClean

  • GUI Improve:
    1. add new advanced option: Use toast notifications in action center under Windows 10 (Need to create shortcut in start menu)
    2. the max connection number for HTTP download task changed from 20 to 200 in HTTP task properties window
    3. the max default connection number for HTTP download task changed from 20 to 200 in option window
    4. show notification when the paging file is too small for memory allocation
    5. add info-tip for peer count, health and share ratio column in task download list
    6. improve display for HiDPI
  • GUI Bugfix:
    1. the display name parameter in the magnetic link caused the default save name of the downloaded file to be incorrect
    2. issues on sorting torrent list by snapshot or comments
    3. the speed graph not cleared after perform disk cleanup for HTTP task
    4. the queuing state icon not displayed if the task is in error state
    5. the function of sorting by task state not working for queuing tasks
  • Core Improve:
    1. enhanced the ability of HTTP download tasks to detect server support for download resume
    2. reduce memory usage for torrent metadata download
    3. improve video file snapshot, support thumbnail, decrease loading time
    4. disable extra disk writing verify to decrease disk usage
  • Core Bugfix:
    1. if auto file moving launched after hash check when BitTorrent download finished, the files been moved will bot be removed
    2. HTTP download should stop immediately after failure of creating file
    3. program may crash at exit

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