XYplorer 20.90


XYplorer 20.90
XYplorer 20.90
XYplorer 20.90

Manage your files, view partitions details, and search folders with XYplorer. XYplorer is a powerful files manager, with its features of tabbed browsing, a powerful file search, a versatile preview, a highly customizable interface, optional dual pane, and a large array of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks. It is a full, fast, and light control manager for your PC files. You can use it as File Searcher, Duplicate File Finder, Branch Viewer, Power Filter, manage Queued File Operations, Tag-Based File Management, Quick Audio Preview, and more.

Features :
  • Fast, powerful, and easy to use.
  • Managing files in more than 125 countries.
  • Tabbed and portable.
  • Supports File Search and Duplicate File Finder.
  • Customization.
  • Safety and Accessibility (Wipe - Access Control - The Drag Status Box - Multi-Level Undo/Redo).
  • Information (Custom Columns - Folder Sizes - Age Circles - One-click Reports - Filename Length Info).

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Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Category: File Manager
Type: Trial
Version: 20.90.0000
Last updated: Mar 30, 2020
Our Rating:
Scan By VirusTotal : CleanClean

  • Middle Truncation: Now you get the option to truncate overflowing filenames in the middle instead of at the end. Useful because the end of the name often has interesting info bits like dates or serial numbers.
  • Dark Mode with Adaptive Colors: Now you can control the retina-friendliness of the Dark Mode. It's your choice whether brighter colors (selections, filters, highlights, etc) are automatically dimmed down a bit to make them softer on the eye.
  • Duplicate Image Finder: Now the hash is also generated for ICO and CUR files, so these image types will also be searched and found.
  • Compilation Soundtrack: Compiled to the music of Bob Dylan.

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