Find & Remove Duplicate Files and Images

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Find & remove duplicate files and images

Most users notice that the hard disk is full, and deleting temporary files does not free much space. So in this article, we are talking about duplicate files, which are the problem for the hard disk and synchronization of old files. Duplicate files come from downloading the file more than once, forgetting that you have this file or retrieving data from the formatted HDD. Some files downloaded from the Internet contain duplicate files that may accumulate up to a size exceeding gigabytes. Sometimes programs create files that automatically saved twice in different places, such as image programs.

  1. Find duplicate files by CCleaner :
    • Download CCleaner
    • CCleaner 5.65.7632/link/button/#1184d1
    • Run CCleaner -> Click Tools -> Choice Duplicate Finder.

    • Find & remove duplicate files and images
      Find & remove duplicate files and images
      Find & remove duplicate files and images

    • Set your best setting.
      • Match by Name.
      • Match by Size.
      • Match by Modified date.
      • Match by Content.

    • Ignore Setting:
      • Zero byte files (Filesize: 0byte).
      • System files (The operating system files which you can't manage it).
      • Read only files.
      • Hidden Files (You can unselect to view your duplicated hidden files).
      • File size under () MB.
      • File size over () MB.

  2. Using Find.Same.Images.OK to find duplicate images :

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