Giveaway: Free Norton Family for 6 months

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Free Norton Family for 6 months

Get more protection for your family. Most kids spend time these days on mobile devices and computers, which pose a risk to the family's privacy. Norton offers you complete protection for all your family's devices, and you can control the level of protection and know everything about your kids. Norton offers six months of Norton Family for free, and During this time, you can monitor your family's activities and ensure their protection.

Norton Family

It helps you to make the Web safer for your kids to explore by keeping you informed of which sites your kids are visiting and letting you block harmful or inappropriate sites. Helps your kids balance time spent online by scheduling screen time limits for their device usage Provides insights into the search terms and videos that interest your kids and flags unsafe behaviour so you can discuss it with them. Get detailed reports on what your kids are doing online, right in your Inbox or on the parent portal.

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Offer ends May 31, 2020


  • Open the promotional page.
  • Click Start Now.
  • Register a new account.
  • Add your child's data and download the app to the device will be monitored.
  • Free Norton Family for 6 months
  • Free Norton Family for 6 months
  • Free Norton Family for 6 months
  • Free Norton Family for 6 months
  • Free Norton Family for 6 months


  1. Web Supervision.
  2. Personal Information Protection.
  3. Time Supervision.
  4. Search Supervision.
  5. Video Supervision.
  6. Parent Mobile App.
  7. Mobile App Supervision.
  8. Parent Portal.
  9. Instant Lock.
  10. Access Request.

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