Google Chrome Browser 81.0.4044.92

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Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser 81.0.4044.92
Google Chrome Browser 81.0.4044.92
Google Chrome Browser 81.0.4044.92
Google Chrome Browser 81.0.4044.92

The new update for Google Chrome has arrived. Today Google Chrome version 81 has been launched with many security and functional improvements. Google Chrome is a fortune for every user who wants to organize their activities and maintain their privacy. Google Chrome is the smartest and fastest browser in the world. It helps the user to enjoy a unique online search experience. With a click and a word, you can get millions of search results, and you can specify everything you want. It helps you synchronize your activities, favourite sites, passwords and applications between all of your mobile devices and desktops. It includes a lot of plugins and tools for developers that help the user to control the components of pages or enable/disable some codes. Google Chrome acts as a guard against hacking and spam sites. It has its search engine, mailbox, translator, cloud storage and a lot of essential tools.

Features :
  • Double browsing speed.
  • Many useful apps and tools.
  • Outstanding and responsive tabs.
  • Stop loading inactive tab pages.
  • Support most programming languages.
  • Support all components of websites.
  • Full control of your Google Accounts.
  • Sync all your activities while browsing.
  • Secure and save your passwords.

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Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Category: Browser
Type: Free
Version: 81.0.4044.92
Last updated: Apr 7, 2020
Our Rating:
Scan By VirusTotal : CleanClean

  • Improvements
    1. media/gpu/v4l2(s)vda: stop accessing device members from child thread
    2. [Picture-in-Picture] Fix crash when closing window.
    3. [Sync] Add feature flag to disable cache guid mismatch logic.
    4. Fix sync Nigori cache GUID left empty upon mismatch
    5. [Sync] Implement Nigori cache guid mismatch.
    6. [M81] OOBE - Make recommended apps illustration smaller
    7. [M81] OOBE - Add scroll shadows to the sign in screen
    8. M81 merge: Fix themes for supervised users on extensions lite
    9. [M81] Batch whitelist Imprivata extensions
    10. Android: Update Play Core
    11. Fixes bad code affected by -ftrivial-auto-var-init=pattern
    12. [M81] [Extensions] Fix couple of ProcessManager UaF issues
    13. [M81 Merge] Disallow pasting SVG use elements data URI
    14. remoting: Check autorepeat on keydown.
    15. Do not attempt update for Tether networks.
    16. Wait until native is loaded before issuing voice search queries
    17. Fix in-session password change success detection for Ping IdP
    18. Desks: Add a flag to limit windows in Alt-Tab to the current active desk
    19. Update help center URL of ADB sideloading
    20. Computes the correct ancestor position when a leaf position is within an embedded object
    21. [Image Fetcher] Add data url support
    22. Stop purge_timer at OnPageDestroyed if not CanPurge().
    23. Allow recursive NameFromContents of Role::kStrong and Role::kEmphasis
  • Security Fixes
    1. Use after free in extensions.
    2. Use after free in audio.
    3. Out of bounds read in WebSQL.
    4. Type Confusion in V8.
    5. Insufficient validation of untrusted input in clipboard.
    6. Insufficient policy enforcement in full screen.
    7. Insufficient policy enforcement in navigations.
    8. Insufficient policy enforcement in extensions.
    9. Use after free in devtools.
    10. Insufficient policy enforcement in extensions.
    11. Use after free in window management.
    12. Inappropriate implementation in WebView.
    13. Insufficient policy enforcement in extensions.
    14. Insufficient policy enforcement in navigations.
    15. Inappropriate implementation in extensions.
    16. Insufficient policy enforcement in omnibox.
    17. Inappropriate implementation in cache.
    18. Insufficient data validation in developer tools.
    19. Uninitialized Use in WebRTC.
    20. Insufficient policy enforcement in trusted types.
    21. Inappropriate implementation in developer tools.
    22. Use after free in V8.

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