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The Best Features of The New Microsoft Edge

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The Best Features of The New Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has outperformed a new browser with a lot of improvements and features. Microsoft Edge is built on chromium and is very different from Google Chrome, as it becomes independent day after day. Edge has its own services, Add-ons, extensions, search engine, Reader, Translator and more. Download it now and give a try.

In this article, we will focus on the strong positive points in Microsoft Edge. And how you set the browser to work efficiently and quickly and to support more services.

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New levels of Privacy Protection:

New levels of Privacy Protection Microsoft Edge

Edge was able to divide privacy into three stages of protection. Each stage has its functions that enable the user to control the content of the sites. Sometimes websites use information about you to display personalized ads to increase their profits, while others sell information to marketing or profitability organizations.

Basic Balanced (Recommended) Strict
  1. Allows most trackers across all sites.
  2. Content and ads will likely be personalized.
  3. Sites will work as expected.
  4. Blocks known harmful trackers.
  1. Blocks trackers from sites you haven't visited.
  2. Content and ads will likely be less personalized.
  3. Sites will work as expected.
  4. Blocks known harmful trackers.
  1. Blocks a majority of trackers from all sites.
  2. Content and ads will likely have minimal personalization.
  3. Parts of sites might not work.
  4. Blocks known harmful trackers.

Edge relies on a database containing the most famous trackers which automatically blocks it while browsing, and you can manage trackers settings for each site you visit.

The best Options:

Do you forget to delete your activities on the browser ?. Don't worry; Edge can remove all of your browsed activities, passwords and websites you visited when closing the browser. Go to settings and select what you want to delete :
Settings > Privacy and services > Choose what to clear every time you close the browser


Choose what to clear every time you close the browser

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen:

Edge has a smart shield to protect you from malicious sites and downloads.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Smart Reader:

Edge contains a reader of the site content. If you have a vision problem or get bored of reading, you can hear the written sentences. It also allows the user to translate sites that use other languages. Select the paragraph or stand on it with the cursor, right-click and choose to read or translate it.

Ctrl + Shift + U

Smart Reader

Continue where you left off:

To protect your browser activity from sudden power outages, Edge offers you three On startup options:
Settings > On startup > Choose Continue where you left off.
  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Continue where you left off (Recommended).
  3. Open a specific page or pages.

Convert Website into App:

You can get shortcuts of your favourite sites and convert them to be an app with the icon of website favicon.

Settings > Apps > Install this site as an app.

Convert Website into App

Prevent Auto-play videos for websites:

Some sites contain video or audio content that plays automatic and consumes the quota. To prevent videos from auto-playing when you visit a website, select Settings and more  > Settings   > Site permissions > Media autoplay.

Prevent Auto-play videos for websites

Interactive Tabs for Muting sound:

Quickly mute audio on a tab by selecting This tab is playing media on the tab to turn the audio off. Select the icon again to turn audio on.

Interactive Tabs for Muting sound

Interactive Tabs for Muting sound

Support Add-ons & Extensions:

You can add multiple extensions to control more sites' content like AdBlock, Grammarly, Security, Editor and more. Read How to Add Internet Download Manager to Microsoft Edge

Support Add-ons & Extensions

Higher performance and lower consumption:

Chrome consumes a lot of RAM while browsing websites, even while not browsing, it consumes a lot of data and RAM. But in Edge, it consumes minimal RAM and data.

Higher performance and lower consumption

Higher performance and lower consumption

Professional download manager:

Edge has a download manager that categorizes files that you downloaded according to their types into documents, applications, images, audio, video, zip files and others.

Professional download manager


Despite the existence of these features, the browser developers are still developing it to be more efficient. Therefore, we expect to reach a world level in the field of surfing the Internet. With all this concern for user privacy, the number of its users increases day by day, making it the first browser in the world.