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The Best Education Websites for Online Courses

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The Best Education Websites for Online Courses

Continuing learning is necessary, especially during the quarantine period; the world is experiencing as a result of the Corona epidemic. Learning is the basis of a comfortable life, by shortening work and saving time. A person continues to learn throughout his life because learning is not a goal but a means of living. You need to complete your work and know what you need to do to make it easier to get paid for buying food and enjoying life.

Take advantage of the stay at home period and gain new knowledge by watching many courses offered by the sites below. You can start learning a lot of experience, acquiring new languages, knowing the machine language, learning programming languages and more. Education platforms provided by private institutions, charities and international universities help many students from all over the world to gain more information. Some sites offer a learning service and obtain a certificate in a specific discipline that you can provide while applying for a job.


Udemy is one of the most popular education platforms, which contains more than 100,000 courses in all fields. It offers a lot of free and paid courses with high-quality content. It helps you to upgrade your skills and level up in life. It offers courses from individuals or institutions, some of which are free and others paid from $9.99.

Udemy The Best Education Websites for Online Courses

  • Fields of Courses: Development - Business - Finance & Accounting - IT & Software - Office Productivity - Personal Development - Design - Marketing - Lifestyle - Photography - Health & Fitness - Music - Teaching & Academics
  • Lifetime access.
  • Free offers every day.


Alison is a free education platform that helps to empower yourself. It has more than 14 million learners. Alison contains Free online courses from the world’s leading experts. It was founded in Galway, Ireland by Irish social entrepreneur Mike Feerick on 21 April 2007.

Alison The Best Education Websites for Online Courses

  • Fields of Courses: Technology - Language - Science - Health - Humanities - Business - Math - Marketing - Lifestyle
  • Free forever.


Coursera offers many learning courses specialized in many scientific fields. The user can obtain certificates by completing the course to apply for a job. Coursera is a paid education platform, and you must pay to learn. Coursera today offers free learning during COVID-19 For Universities & Learners.

Coursera The Best Education Websites for Online Courses

  • Fields of Courses: Arts and Humanities - Business - Computer Science - Data Science - Information Technology - Health - Math and Logic - Personal Development - Physical Science and Engineering - Social Sciences - Language Learning - Degrees - Certificates


Codecademy is a learning platform for programming and development languages. It has three plans (Basic, Pro, Teams) and you can get a free trial period or a free subscription to the basic plan with a maximum of 25 courses for the user. Codecademy is suitable for children who can read and type. Coding is just like learning a new language or studying math.

Codecademy The Best Education Websites for Online Courses

  • Fields of Courses: HTML & CSS - Python - JavaScript - Java - SQL - Bash/Shell - Ruby - C++ - R - C# - PHP - Go - Swift

Harvard Online Courses

Harvard University offers free and paid courses in specialized fields. You can also determine the level of difficulty and obtain a Verified Certificate.

Harvard The Best Education Websites for Online Courses

  • Fields of Courses:  Art & Design - Business - Computer Science - Data Science - Education & Teaching - Health & Medicine - Humanities - Mathematics - Programming - Science - Social Sciences


Learn how to be creative in designing video and audio production and web development with SkillShare. You can start for free to get courses in the following fields:

SkillShare The Best Education Websites for Online Courses

  • Fields of Courses: Animation - Creative Writing - Film & Video - Fine Art - Graphic Design - Illustration - Music - Photography - UI/UX Design - Web Development - Business Analytics - Freelance & Entrepreneurship - Leadership & Management - Marketing - Lifestyle - Productivity