Doodle celebrates Arcade Games: PAC-MAN, Coding and more

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Doodle celebrates arcade games

Today, Google celebrates more than 30 years since the launch of the most famous arcade games in the world. The list includes many arcade games, which is Pac-Man, Coding, Cricket, Fischinger, Rockmore, Garden Gnomes, Scoville, Loteria, Halloween 2016 and Hip Hop. We have lived an enjoyable life playing these games, and the memories we hold bring us back to where we were little and love games.
Now the Coronavirus epidemic takes thousands of people lives daily and forced most countries to take quarantine to protect their citizens. Google offers the opportunity for kids to have fun playing these games and living the age of their parents. Pac-Man attracted millions of people to try it out. The Pac-Man game was launched in May 1980 from Japan until it reached North America in December of that year. Arcade games were launched continuously and included a large group of games for mental activity.

Doodle celebrates Arcade Games: PAC-MAN, Coding and more


You have to move PAC-MAN on the roads to collect dots and avoid colliding with four colored ghosts.

Country: Japan
Release Date: May 1980
Developer: Namco

Doodle celebrates Arcade Games: PAC-MAN


It is a fun game; you must put the movements that the rabbit will take to collect the carrots, then you will move to more difficult levels. It's of coding language designed for kids to give them the opportunity to explore ideas in math and science.

Release Date: 1960
Developer: Seymour Papert and researchers at MIT

Doodle celebrates Arcade Games: Coding

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