Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.37

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.37
Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.37
Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.37
Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.37

Get the new features of Microsoft Edge, browse more safely with unlimited intelligence. Microsoft Edge is more advanced, smarter and full of settings that make it easy to control profile, history, and bookmarks. It is a chromium-based browser that supports privacy protection and provides your family's safety. Edge now has filters to protect your children, keep an eye on their activities and follow them from any device. It helps you to see what websites your kids are visiting and keep the bad stuff away by filtering out inappropriate websites and searches on Microsoft Bing.

Microsoft Edge Features

  • Smart Security Shield.
  • Import bookmarks and start from you left.
  • Browse and protect your info.
  • Auto-Clear your activities.
  • Smart passwords manager.
  • Personalize the home page.
  • Sync data & cast media.
  • Support 4k media content.
  • Support add-ons & Extensions.

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Microsoft Edge Release Notes

  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen improvements.
  • Users can now exempt certain cookies from automatically clearing when the browser closes.
  • Automatic Profile Switching is now available to help you get to your work content more easily across profiles.
  • Drag and Drop to add an item to a collection without opening the collection.
  • Add multiple items to a collection instead of adding one item at a time.
  • Add all the tabs in an Edge window into a new collection without adding them individually.
  • Extension sync is now available.
  • Improved the message on the Downloads management page for insecure downloads that have been blocked.
  • Added support for Adverbs in the Parts of Speech experience.
  • Added the ability to select any content on a webpage and open it in Immersive Reader.
  • Link doctor provides host correction and a search query to the users when they mistype a URL.
  • Allow users to save their decision to launch an external protocol for a specific site.
  • Intenral Make default edge://settings/defaultBrowser.
  • Microsoft Cloud Access Security is now available.
  • Security Fixes. read more
  • For more details.

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