Mozilla Firefox 76.0

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Browser 76.0
Mozilla Firefox Browser 76.0
Mozilla Firefox Browser 76.0
Mozilla Firefox Browser 76.0

The browser is the gate to your information. Firefox Browser helps you to block more 2000 trackers your activities. Firefox will notify you when hackers strike and keep you safe. Get more advice to keep your passwords safe on every device. Mozilla Firefox is an advanced Web Browser with 2X faster tab navigation. It is 30% lighter than chrome which reducing memory usage to free additional space on your PC to run smoothly. Mozilla Firefox is using many extensions like LastPass, uBlock Origin, Evernote and others to give high performance and a custom interface that can be freely controlled.

Features :
  • Now 2x faster.
  • Block data-collecting trackers.
  • Secure you websites passwords.
  • Support all websites.
  • Fast and secure browsing.
  • Easy navigation between tab pages.
  • It consumes data through CPU.
  • 30% lighter than Chrome.
  • Smooth browsing.
  • Switch from Chrome to Firefox in just a few minutes.
  • Seriously Private Browsing.
  • Faster Page Loading.
  • Tracking Protection.
  • Share large files without prying eyes
  • A powerful engine to make browsing faster.
  • Loading pages in shortly time.
  • A good design to use all features and settings.

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Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Category: Browser
Type: Free
Version: 76.0
Last updated: May 4, 2020
Our Rating:
Scan By VirusTotal : CleanClean

  • New
  • Firefox displays critical alerts in the Lockwise password manager when a website is breached.
  • If one of your accounts is involved in a website breach and you've used the same password on other websites, you will now be prompted to update your password. A key icon identifies which accounts use that vulnerable password.
  • Automatically generate secure, complex passwords for new accounts across more of the web that are easily saved right in the browser.
  • You have been able to access and see your saved passwords under Logins and Passwords easily under the main menu. If your device happens to be shared among your family or roommates, the latest update helps to prevent casual snooping over your shoulder. If you don’t have a master password set up for Firefox, Windows and macOS now requires a login to your operating system account before showing your saved passwords.
  • Fixed
  • Various security fixes
  • Changed
  • The shadow around the address bar field is reduced in width when a new tab is opened.
  • The bookmarks toolbar has expanded slightly in size to improve its surface area for touchscreens.
  • unresolved
  • Audio playback is currently not working when running the 32-bit Windows version of Firefox from a network drive. This will be addressed in an upcoming future Firefox release.

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