Control all of your computers remotely as the primary user. TeamViewer is a remote desktop connection works privately and safely. It helps you to access & control your PC(s) from anywhere. TeamViewer has many features that help you enjoy freedom in remote control of your PC. Connect remotely to desktop computers, mobile devices, and IoT devices from anywhere at any time by TeamViewer. TeamViewer is the world’s most-liked remote desktop tool. User and connection security are critical in remote access tools, so your protection is the top priority of TeamViewer. It is the solutions for a Secure, Connected Workplace. Keep your business safe through network control and secure remote control on hackers.

TeamViewer Features

  • Easy Secure Remote Desktop Access.
  • Remote Device Control.
  • Cross-Platform Access.
  • Safe Remote Connection
  • VPN Alternative.
  • Mobile Device Access.
  • Secure Unattended Access.
  • iOS Screen Sharing.
  • Wake Up, Restart, and Install.
  • Flexible File Sharing Options.
  • Remote Printing.
  • 4K Remote Desktop Access.
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction.
  • Time-Saving Shortcuts.

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  OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows XP/7/8/10
  FILE SIZE:26.32 MB
  SCAN: 100% Clean
  Our Rating
4.8/5 ( 1 ratings )

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TeamViewer Release Notes

  • [New features] Instant image-to-text recognition for the augmented reality sessions. Pilot users can now recognize texts on their phones or tablets and send them to the expert with one click.
  • [Improvements] The MSI installer now allows you to optionally deactivate TeamViewer's Outlook Add-In upon installation. As a result, the Outlook Add-In will be installed but not activated. However, it can still be activated at a later time. By default, the Outlook Add-In is installed and activated.
  • [Improvements] The feedback option is now more prominent on the top menu.
  • [Bug fixes] Fixed a bug for the black screen which sometimes prevented the expected deactivation when pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del on the remote computer.
  • [Bug fixes] Fixed a bug in the remote connection which caused the connection to freeze when selecting a single window.
  • [Bug fixes] Fixed a bug occurring with active Black Screen and single-window mode, which caused TeamViewer to crash when minimizing or closing the window.
  • [Bug fixes] Fixed a bug by which TeamViewer's Outlook Add-In was activated in Outlook although it was not shown as active in the advanced TeamViewer options.
  • [Bug fixes] Fixed a bug that caused the video of the other participant in a Remote Connection or Meeting not to be visible.
  • [Bug fixes] Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer Run Only to crash when starting programs that trigger a User Account Control prompt on the remote device.
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