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How to Update & Upgrade all Web Browsers

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How to Update all Web Browsers Chrome, Edge & Firefox

It is recommended that software be updated continuously to ensure efficiency, obtain new features and handle errors. Most of the applications that we use are not complete and not without errors, so the developers are always updating them. Some applications add new features and handle errors without the need to download a separate application version, while others download a full application with the new features. As for the case of internet browsers, you can update the browser through two methods:

Google Chrome

  • Update Google Chrome:
    1. Go to Menu .
    2. Choose Help.
    3. Click About Google Chrome.
    4. Or
    5. Copy and paste in address bar chrome://settings/help.
    6. The browser will check for new updates and install it, after that you must restart the browser.

    7. Update Google Chrome

  • Download full version:
    1. Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

  • Update Microsoft Edge:
    1. Go to Menu .
    2. Choose Help and feedback.
    3. Click About Microsoft Edge.
    4. Or
    5. Copy and paste in address bar edge://settings/help.
    6. After installing the update, Restart Microsoft Edge.

    7. Update Microsoft Edge

  • Download full version:
    1. Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

  • Update Firefox:
    1. Go to Menu .
    2. Choose Help.
    3. Click About Firefox.
    4. After applying updates, you need to restart to update Firefox.

    5. Update Mozilla Firefox

  • Download full version:
    1. Mozilla Firefox

The only difference between updating and downloading is that the update downloads the new features and fixes errors in the version you own (it downloads part of the new application version). As for the download, you have a full version of the application with the latest updates.

It is essential to consider constantly updating browsers to avoid security gaps, improve service and raise the efficiency of computer resource consumption. Therefore, each user should follow the changes that developers launch in their programs to protect the user's privacy.