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ESET Internet Security


ESET Internet Security
ESET Internet Security
ESET Internet Security
ESET Internet Security

Protect your PC with ESET Internet Security. You don't need to worry about anything. ESET Internet Security is the next generation of Anti virus. ESET Internet Security can easily catch any Virus, Trojan and prevent Phishing. It can protect your important files from viruses, trojans, worms and spyware. ESET Internet Security has Antivirus protection guards against malicious system attacks by dominant file, email and web communication.If a threat with malicious code is detected, the Antivirus module will eliminate it by initial block it so cleaning, deleting or moving it to quarantine.

ESET Features

  • Real-time file system protection.
  • Gamer mode.
  • Webcam Protection.
  • Allows you to enable or disable the following components:
  • Web access protection.
  • Email client protection.
  • Antispam protection.
  • Anti-Phishing protection.

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  OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7/8/10
  FILE SIZE:60.44 MB
  SCAN: 100% Clean
  Our Rating
4/5 ( 1 ratings )

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ESET Release Notes

  • Fixed Bug that causes application freeze in limited scenarios
  • New: support for device association with myESET.
  • New: activation flows + new icons.
  • New: association / disassociation flows for anti-theft.
  • New: reworked application statuses (now they are send into myESET account once device is associated).
  • New: communicate device disassociation and deactivation from myESET in product.
  • New: Banking and payment protection: Secure all browsers setting in GUI (setup > Security tools).
  • New: Banking and payment protection: “Setting” in badge of secure browser (Secure all browsers) – opens GUI > Setup > Security tools
  • New: Product updates changes:
    1. Program component update > setting changed to “Application feature updates” (Feature updates numbering: 14.2, 15, 15.1 ,…).
    2. Hotfixes are applied also for disabled “Application feature updates” (Hotfixes numbering:,,..).
  • Improved: changed “license leaked” communication to “license overused”.
  • Improved: Banking and payment protection: user experience to enable Secure All browsers from browser.
  • Improved: Banking and payment protection: Badge smaller frame size.
  • Improved communication if port 53535 is not allowed.
  • Improved: Usability: Read out notifications by screen readers, fixed and added lot of elements to be read out by screen readers.
  • Other improvements and bugfixing.