Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.64

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.64
Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.64
Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.64
Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.64

Microsoft Edge is the new browser that will build the latest versions of Windows 10. Edge is an enhanced Google Chrome, a chromium-based browser that serves users efficiently. It is characterized by speed and ease of use in addition to its method of using resources wisely. It has a familiar user interface, and the user can add extensions and customize settings within the browser. Edge is supported by the Bing search engine, which is preferred by many users, and you can change it to Google. It is the new internet explorer that Microsoft will rely on for its products.

Microsoft Edge Features

  • Browse across devices.
  • Import bookmarks from other browsers.
  • Private Mode.
  • Three levels of privacy protection.
  • Support 4K videos.
  • Fast, easy and secure browsing.
  • An advanced download manager.
  • Streamline your reading experience on the web.
  • Experience 4K streaming.
  • Share with ease.

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Microsoft Edge Release Notes

  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

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