Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.50

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.50
Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.50
Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.50
Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.50

Microsoft Edge is racing against time and seeks to lead the list of most used browsers in the world. With its continuous updates and the distinguished services provided by Microsoft along with the Bing search engine, all this makes it a strong competitor. It has reliable protection to protect users' privacy, manage their data and not share it with third parties. It also supports 8k video playback with high quality and fast speed. Edge is full of surprises and settings that will facilitate the user's life and make him perform many tasks with one software. Edge is truly the edge of the world for a new era in surfing the Internet, managing downloads, streaming videos, supporting services and much more. It also supports extensions and has its store and some superb capabilities.

Microsoft Edge Features

  • Multitasking improvements in Windows 10.
  • Enhance your reading with Picture Dictionary.
  • New Storage Access API benefits developers and users.
  • Syncing your Favorites.
  • Improve focus with quieter notifications.
  • Share your thoughts in our quarterly survey.
  • Family safety features.
  • Play the new edge://surf offline game.
  • Optimizations boost performance.

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Microsoft Edge Release Notes

  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

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