Mozilla Firefox Browser 81.0.1

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Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox Browser 81.0.1
Mozilla Firefox Browser 81.0.1
Mozilla Firefox Browser 81.0.1
Mozilla Firefox Browser 81.0.1

Mozilla Firefox is a distinguished browser that works to provide user requirements from the Internet. It supports all development environments and also supports web components other than Chrome. In addition to its high ability to support website components and rely on the processor to execute commands, operate the interface, and reduce consumption. It also supports plugins, extensions, and developer tools to view and support site codes. Firefox works with 2x speed to accomplish tasks and manage websites and permissions better and safer. It works to speed up browsing programs, downloading files, supporting additions to user work, and saving bookmarks.

Firefox Features

  • PiP video Feature.
  • 2x browsing acceleration.
  • Superior privacy protection.
  • Manage bookmarks and sites.
  • Powerful password manager.
  • Anti-tracking tools.
  • Supports extensions.
  • A new way for browsing web.

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  CATEGORY:Web Browser
  OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows XP/7/8/10
  FILENAME:Firefox Setup 81.0.1.exe
  FILE SIZE:52.95 MB
  SCAN: 100% Clean
  Our Rating
5/5 ( 1 ratings )

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Firefox Release Notes

  • Fixed missing content on Blackboard course listings.
  • Resolved incorrect scaling of Flash content on HiDPI macOS systems.
  • Fixes for various printing issues.
  • Fixed legacy preferences not being properly applied when set via GPO.
  • Fixed Picture-in-Picture controls being visible on audio-only page elements.
  • Fixed high memory growth with addons such as Disconnect installed, causing browser responsiveness issues over time.
  • Various stability improvements

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