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CCleaner 5.76.8269


CCleaner 5.76.8269
CCleaner 5.76.8269
CCleaner 5.76.8269
CCleaner 5.76.8269

Accelerate and improve your computer's performance with CCleaner. CCleaner is an advanced tool that unlocks restrictions that limit your computer's power during boot-up, use, and during rest times. It helps to delete the junk files that occupy a large portion of the hard disk space. It also improves Windows operations and speeds up data transfer by clearing some restrictions in the registry. CCleaner works as a remover of programs and tools visible or hidden in your computer and displays all the tasks and applications running in the background. You can control the services that consume a lot of time while computer booting and shutting it down. You can also modify the context menu to add or remove some shortcuts.

CCleaner Features

  • Speed_Up, Clean and Protect Privacy.
  • Clear temporary files.
  • Health and Custom Mode.
  • Cleaning, control and acceleration.
  • Remove applications and built-in tools.
  • Better computer health.
  • Hard and Windows maintenance.
  • Deeply delete storage devices.
  • system recovery.
  • Schedule activity.
  • Duplicate Finder.

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  OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows XP/7/8/10
  FILE SIZE:29.16 MB
  SCAN: 100% Clean
  Our Rating
5/5 ( 1 ratings )

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CCleaner Release Notes

  • [Cleaning] They now prevent invalid data from being imported to the ‘Cookies to Keep’ list.
  • [Cleaning] They now clean up any of our dump files created more than 14 days ago when you run CCleaner.
  • [Accessibility] They’ve made many improvements to NVDA screen reader support in Health Check.
  • [Accessibility] They’ve improved NVDA support for reading checkbox lists and checkbox statuses.
  • [General] They resolved a permissions error when enabling the ‘Save files to INI’ option.
  • [General] They fixed an error when enabling the ‘Skip UAC’ option.
  • [General] They fixed a rare bug where an update could unregister CCleaner Professional.
  • [General] They’ve made some text labels clearer.