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AOMEI 2021 Backup Giveaway For PC, iPhone and Cloud Backup

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AOMEI 2021 Backup Giveaway For PC, iPhone and Cloud Backup

Goodbye to the un-backup problem, and get a chance to recover your files, photos, movies, documents, and a lot of folders that you accidentally deleted from either iPhone or computer.

Today, AOMEI presents a giveaway offer of its most important software for creating a backup and giving solutions to retrieve the deleted files. The offer includes the three most essential programs in which you can back up your files on storage devices such as the PC and iPhone and restore them if they are damaged or deleted by mistake:

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AOMEI 2021 Backup Giveaway For PC, iPhone and Cloud Backup

AOMEI 2021 Backup Giveaway For PC, iPhone and Cloud Backup

AOMEI Backupper Pro - PC

AOMEI Backupper Pro is an innovative Windows software that protects your computer by backing up your files and folders. It has a friendly and easy-to-use user interface and comes with unique features to support all backup stages from standard to professional.


  • Advanced system, UEFI, GPT to MBR, and customized clone.
  • An innovative backup method with scheduled backups to avoid losing data.
  • Easily & safely dynamic disk volume backup.
  • Real-time synchronization to add or modify.
  • Fast multi-select file restore.
  • Utility Tools: merge backup images, password encryption, split backup images, customize email notifications and more.
  • Multi-Language supported.

(106.33 MB) Download .RAR/download/button/#2f8f67

AOMEI MBackupper Pro - iPhone

Want to keep and save your iPhone data from deleting?. AOMEI MBackupper Pro provides you with the chance to recover your iPhone data in many situations by creating an iPhone backup that can be retrieved. It supports backing up and transferring multiple iPhone data, including photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, etc.


  • Backup and restore your iPhone/iPad data with amazing speed.
  • Protect your data and release storage by iPhone transferring.
  • Selectively and incrementally backup to save your time and space.
  • Without any data loss during transfer, backup and restore.
  • Tools: Transfer iPhone to iPhone, Transfer iPhone contacts, Transfer iPhone videos, Transfer iPhone to PC.

(138.63 MB) Download .RAR/download/button/#2f8f67

AOMEI CBackupper - Cloud

Store your data online and secure it to Backup from any location. AOMEI CBackupper helps you to Backup your files from your local PC to a secure cloud and ensure the comprehensive security of critical data and personal information.

Why Online?

  1. Reduce the risk of computer data loss.
  2. Easily Access Files Across Multiple Devices.
  3. Turn Limited Local Space to Unlimited Cloud Storage.
  4. Make a recovery Easy and Instant.