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Brave Browser 1.23.71


Brave Browser 1.23.71
Brave Browser 1.23.71
Brave Browser 1.23.71
Brave Browser 1.23.71

Internet browsers have a function other than browsing, which is to protect the user while browsing. So the main focus is on privacy and how to prevent hackers from accessing user's information. Brave is one of the unique browsers in the field of avoiding user tracking and data hackers. Brave based on Chromium which offers high-speed internet surfing. Brave supports a private mode, privately browsing with Tor & DuckDuckGo. With Brave, You can hide your location, history and network from the sites you visit by using several servers. IPFS (PTP hypermedia protocol) has been integrated into Brave’s desktop browser. Brave’s users can now access content directly from IPFS by resolving ipfs:// URIs via a gateway or installing a full IPFS node in one click.

Brave Features :
  • 3x to 6x faster.
  • Your Privacy is so important.
  • Fast & Private.
  • Built in Ad-Blocker.
  • Create a new privacy.
  • Brave rewards.
  • Private Taps & Search.
  • Customize your shield settings.
  • Sync your devices bravely.

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  CATEGORY:Web Browser
  OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  FILE SIZE:72.53 MB
  SCAN: 100% Clean
  Our Rating
4/5 ( 1 ratings )

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Brave Release Notes

  • Added the ability to customize the top site tiles on the New Tab Page.
  • Added support for DNSLink resolution.
  • Added “Manage custom filters” option to right click context menu.
  • Added the ability to manually refresh status for verified creators in the rewards panel.
  • Added IPFS installation progress under brave://ipfs-internals.
  • Added “Maximum IPFS cache size (GB)” under brave://settings/ipfs.
  • Added RFC3986 support for IPFS.
  • Added node status errors under brave://ipfs-internals.
  • Implemented verifiable advertiser conversions for Brave Ads.
  • Improved Tor user experience by preventing an orphan Tor process.
  • Updated adblocking via right click context menu to be editable under the brave://adblock “Custom filters” section.