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GoodSync automatically synchronizes and backs up all your photos, music, email, and other important files between all your desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives. Save the necessary files in a safe and automated way, which you can retrieve your data quickly. Imagine keeping your data from damage, loss, hacker and ransomware viruses with GoodSync that automatically synchronizes your files. GoodSync is a File Synchronization and Backup Software. You can easily back up and sync your data with GoodSync. It supports secure file backup, and synchronization software will ensure that your files are never lost. It is an easy, fast, and secure way to automatically back up all of your data to multiple destinations and to restore it when needed. It also has real-time and automated data replication for one-way or two-way synchronization across multiple destinations and platforms.

GoodSync Features

  • Real time data transfer
  • Block level data transfer
  • Unattended service
  • End to end encryption
  • Version history control
  • Copy locked files
  • File and folder move/rename detection
  • Security attribute propagation
  • Bandwith throttling
  • Restoring Your Files
  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Keeping Files Synced

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  CATEGORY:Backup Tool
  OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  FILE SIZE:43.71 MB
  SCAN: 100% Clean
  Our Rating
5/5 ( 1 ratings )

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GoodSync Release Notes

  • This update includes 7 security fixes.
  • SFTP: Make our SFTP client send version string without waiting for SFTP server.
  • GSTP Client: Fixed when Server changes Forwarder, client may ignores it and return error.
  • GSTP Client: Do not Try Direct Connect when we have no direct port to connect to.
  • GSTP checksums: switch from expensive MD5 to cheaper CRC-32, it is sufficient for integrity.
  • GSTP Server: Fully removed Old Ticket Scheme from GsServer, only more secure New Scheme is allowed.
  • GSTP Server Register: improved de-registering server on Sleep and Shutdown.
  • GSTP Severe Going Offline: Added call to /unregister-server of Forwarder.
  • GSTP Edit Account: Added 'Direct Plain Text' connectoid option, to be used for slow NASes.
  • GSTP Mediator: Fixed CanShare was incorrectly applied when doing Composition of two grants.
  • Proxy: Do NOT test Effective proxy when it is not set, to reduce load on Mediator.
  • Proxy: If proxy is set, but both Auth and Manual Proxy are unchecked, do not use any proxy.
  • GsServer: Browser Sessions: Fixed crashes on multiple downloads from one browser.
  • Browse Dialog: Fixed UI errors and navigation issues.
  • gsync: Added Account Manager options to gsync help and GS online manual.