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Birdfont 4.15.1


Birdfont 4.15.1
Birdfont 4.15.1
Birdfont 4.15.1
Birdfont 4.15.1

Birdfont is a simple editing tool for Font. It contains many option tools to draw the font, control points, set layer, add stroke and create guidelines. Birdfont is a free editor to create vector graphics and font styles. It helps the user to export the project into OTF, TTF, EOT and SVG formats. Birdfont supports two types of color tables (Embedded SVG table, COLR and CPAL tables). Birdfont is based on Vala with a great base of coding lines. It is not the ideal choice for font creator beginners but it still offers the best editing tools.

Birdfont Features :
  • Create .SVG font Files.
  • Support Stroke and Precision for pen tool.
  • Three types of Colored Themes.
  • Support HTML preview.
  • Backups per Font.
  • Import & Export into SVG file/folder.
  • Zooming in & out

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  CATEGORY:Development Tool
  OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows XP/7/8/10
  FILE SIZE:42.60 MB
  SCAN: 100% Clean
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Birdfont Release Notes

  • Speed optimizations.
  • Fix undo issues.
  • Other bug fixes.