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Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.39

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.39
Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.39
Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.39
Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.39

Update Microsoft Edge now to avoid the security gaps that included in the latest release of Chromium. Microsoft add a new features to help users enjoying browsing secure and faster. Edge is an advanced browser based on Chromium along with some Internet Explorer processes. Microsoft Edge is part of the Windows operating system in the latest updates and the most appropriate browser for synchronizing data, favourite websites and manage passwords between the Windows devices that the user owns. Edge has many tools and settings that help create an ideal internet search experience. Not just a browser, it is an integrated system to manage many processes, control and display many file extensions. It can play high-quality videos beyond 4K with excellent smoothness and flexibility. Unlike Google Chrome, Edge offers a feature to control the arrival of new updates, where the user can turn it off or on.

Microsoft Edge Features

  • Personalize the new tab page.
  • Move your favorites over quickly.
  • Stay in sync.
  • Personalize with themes.
  • Customize with extensions.
  • Browse privately.
  • Bookmarks, history, downloads and more.
  • Support 4k media content.
  • One click to auto-fill forms.

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Microsoft Edge Release Notes

  • Stable channel security updates.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) is now available for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts and Microsoft Account (MSA) on macOS.
  • Kiosk mode.
  • New print rasterization mode for non-PostScript printers.
  • Additional page scaling options for printing.
  • Autofill suggestions are extended to include address fields content from clipboard.
  • Users can search for autofill suggestions even if a form or field isn’t detected.
  • Access downloads from a flyout in the menu bar.
  • Improvements to font rendering.
  • Kids mode.