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WinRAR 6.02 Beta 1


WinRAR 6.02 Beta 1
WinRAR 6.02 Beta 1
WinRAR 6.02 Beta 1
WinRAR 6.02 Beta 1

Keep your files and folders archived to protect them from damage or erasure. You can also use these archives as a backup copy in case the essential files get corrupted. WinRAR is the second best and most popular tool for compressing and decompressing files and folders. It helps you to archive all your important folders & files to call or use when you need them. WinRAR is an easy-to-use tool; with one click, you can compress many files inside one archive. It works to protect your data from damage & viruses. WinRAR helps you to send any huge file as one piece to your friends.

WinRAR Features:

  • Read (browse, extract, test): 7z, Google Android's apk, Google's Brotli br, bz, bz2, bzip2, tbz2, tbz, Facebook's Zstandard zst and tzst, gz, gzip, tgz, tpz, tar, zip, zipx, z01, smzip, arj, cab, etc.
  • The better way to compress files for efficient.
  • Secure file transfer.
  • Faster e-mail transmission.
  • Well organized data storage.

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  CATEGORY:Archiving Tool
  OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows7/8/10
  PRICE:$33.35 Trial
  VERSION:6.02 Beta 1
  SCAN: 100% Clean
  Our Rating
3.5/5 ( 1 ratings )

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WinRAR Release Notes

  • [Bugs fixed] "Convert archives" command issued erroneous "The specified password is incorrect" message after succesfully converting RAR archive with encrypted file names if new password was set and archive was opened in WinRAR shell.
  • [Bugs fixed] if command progress window was resized up and then quickly resized down to original dimensions, window contents could be positioned incorrectly.
  • [What's New] More new Features at Winrar 6.02.