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is celsius network legit

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 Is Celsius legit for crypto?

Is Celsius legit for crypto

Interest bearing cryptocurrency accounts are not new. But there are only a few users in the space who have risen to the top. Celsius is one of them.

Offer cryptocurrency rates. You can also borrow in cryptocurrency or in US dollars at low rates. In addition, you can send cryptocurrency to anyone by percentage without charging a commission.

Who is Celsius?

Celsius is a blockchain-based lending platform. It was formed in the summer of 2017 and issued its first coin (CEL) in March 2018. The founders of Centennial are Alex Mashinsky, Nick Goldstein, and C Centennial. They are headquartered in London, UK. In five rounds, the company raised 9993.8 million.

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short summary

earn reward

Use your own encrypted entry or coins

Send and receive cryptocurrency without commissions

In the United States, only approved lotionists can earn

Earn high bonus rates for deposited cryptocurrency

Use your cryptocurrency to borrow cash or coins

Send and receive cryptocurrency without commissions

In the United States, only accredited investors can earn

Is the percentage of the network legal?

Yes, since its founding in 2017, Celsius has grown rapidly and has become one of the world's largest platforms for earning and borrowing cryptocurrencies. In August 2021, the company announced that its assets under management exceeded 20 billion for the first time.

Does she have an interest-bearing credit card?

It'll happen soon. Although the centennial credit card is currently in effect, it will allow cardholders to receive weekly rewards for their crypto guarantees.

What is the percentage of professionals?

Ratio Pro provides individual and specialized treasury management for companies, organizations and wealthy clients.

Do you have any signup bonuses?

Yes, new customers can get bitcoin from 10 to 2000 after joining the platform and transferring supported assets. The minimum transfer for a 10% bonus is دولار 100, but to get the maximum bonus, you need to transfer at least.2,250,000.

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